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Rabbits Awareness Week 2018

Posted by Charlotte Wright on

Each year, Rabbit Awareness Week focuses on a different element of rabbit health. This year, the spotlight is looking at raising the awareness of the dietary needs of rabbits, with the theme to "Move away from Muesli".

Research shows that muesli-based diets encourage selective feeding, where rabbits eat some components of the muesli diet while rejecting the more fibrous pellets. Selective feeding in this way can increase:
- Dental disease
- Obesity
- Digestive problems

rabbit awareness week poster 2018

Unlike humans, rabbit's diets are fairly simple, and routine. They need fresh water, hay, selected fruits and vegetables and dry food. A rabbit's diet should consist of up to 85- 90% feeding hay, however many owners are unaware of the differences between feeding hay and bedding hay.

rabbit hay

If you are considering changing your rabbit's diet, we recommend speaking to your vet first and to introduce any new foods slowly over a 10 day period, as bunnies can have sensitive tummies.

A great way of adding a little variety to your rabbit's diet, is with the occasional treat! Selected fruits and vegetables are a fantastic way to supplement a diet, however be careful as they can contain a lot of natural sugar. Occasional fresh treats include:
- Apple (no pips)
- Savoy Cabbage
- Dill
- Turnip
- Banana
- Coriander
- Spinach
- Basil
- Oregano

 The Innocent Rabbit Fragrant Herb Nibbles are made from grass with banana, carrot, coriander and fenugreek. Their aromatic taste and smell will have your bunnies hopping to it! These bite-sized nibbles are the perfect offering to treat your rabbits as they are high in fibre to help maintain dental health.

the innocent rabbit treats


To find out further about Rabbit Awareness Week, go to where you can request a RAW pack with lots of tips and information on looking after your bunnies!

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